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Every next record I’m like “this will be the one”
Every next revolution “this time we’ll get it done”
Staring at the phone, watching other people come
on the edge of the globe, I got no place to jump
Yo I gotta warn you, what you get is what you see
I’m not a passionate person but yo I make a verse bleed
All we’ll ever be is one of those Humans of New York stories
your friends share on timelines, our lives so corny
I’m no pony, bite your kid’s fucking fingers off
custom officer grinning, somebody must’ve tipped him off
Hate the competition but don’t wanna be the kid who lost
Low wages, zero hours, still thinking that he the boss
It’s a sad life, trying to keep these kids happy,
bored out their fucking minds, a bad time to be classy
Working 12 to 12 for some implants and coffee
it’s a long walk from Sillicon Valley to Wall Street
People of all creeds, looking like they want beef
Somebody to hear their prayers, your own personal nazi
Maost motherfucker trying to keep the crowd pleased
computers and loud beats, computing wants to our needs
All I ever wanted was to know what I want
I just wanna be the person telling people who they are
Fuck being president I wanna be Nicki Minaj

Where’s the hihats?

Hihats everywhere
On the subways
Hihats everywhere
leaking from headphones
Hihats everywhere
In the venues
Hihats everywhere
In the bedrooms

Being a genius wasn’t working, working harder wasn’t worth it
Page views aren’t euros and a selfie’s not a portrait
Real life is a bitch, real people get tortured
for every rapper doing time there’s one doing endorsements
Internet for the blind, voiceover emotions
Everybody got a fingerprint, most are bigger than yours is
Leave nothing behind except my search history
One half Dwayne Carter, the other half Duane Reed
Lady screaming on the train o some stand your ground shit
proud citizen of a country treating her like cow shit
You aren’t about shit, just an urban outfit
I’m an immigrant, you bout to hear the truth in dialect
I’ve been out of line since ‘96
putting haters where my mouth is
at war with the loudness
Surfing on crowds, surfing on couches
surfing on browsers while you smurfing the ounces
and I’m out bitch


from Emirates, released March 17, 2017



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