by n'toko

No gods, no juries, no lawyers no army, no schools, no house, no orders no cops, no jobs, no bosses, no borders no banks, no tanks, no love - we own this Who still holds cigarettes with the holders? A bunch of pretentious fucks, the Romans Obey orders like a tourist paying triple for that coffee like a slow drip mortgage From the land of dead poets and graveyards where history’s full of shit - Braveheart People want the truth in 140 characters and wonder why all their leaders end up all being retards I wanna meet God, not just Steve Jobs I want a flying car, one that’ll eat cock I’m killing all of your opinions like its Jihad Turn the other cheek until you find the fucking G-spot Batman on the microphone, Robin on the beatbox coming out too soon, the opposite of detox Hate to see a good man fall under cheap shots hate to see a crooked cop walk, jury’s being bought Never doing shit for your country, that’s my dream job Listen for the accent, people from the East block Working on your plumbing while you work to get us shipped off Might be taking orders but I’m spitting in your teapot No gods, no juries, no lawyers no army, no schools, no house, no orders no cops, no jobs, no bosses, no borders no banks, no tanks, no love - we own this Fuck your inner peace, I’d rather have some enemies Fuck your future yo I’d rather have some 70s Smash your scull in with a heavy read I’m talking Karl Marx, Capital, Volumes 1 through 3 High on anti depressives, watching nazi documentaries saw the best of my generation voting for Hillary On some start up shit, there is no hope left Imagine everything you love turn into bro-step Your mother, your father, the folks you grew close with Vagina where your heart used to be, on some Bjork shit Wanna go places but don’t want to be a tourist everywhere the same shit, Ikea for the homeless You best believe we talking bout you when aren’t looking it’s the one good time my language is worth using Listen in euros but I only speak in Rubel let’s exchange thoughts man, nobody is neutral My homeland - the second coming of Switzerland people drink piss, flush their toilets with Evian Driving they daughters to school in a minivan Everywhere the same rules, we got bigger plans No gods, no juries, no lawyers no army, no schools, no house, no orders no cops, no jobs, no bosses, no borders no banks, no tanks, no love - we own this
People need to wake the fuck up this is not the 90s Our grandparents died so that we could have shiny things Looking for somebody edgy - hair died pink You finish last like nice guys unless you buying drinks We'll make your poverty a fashion blue screens and spotlights, fuck like an assassin You come with nothing but your fingerprints and start a new life in the Emirates lighting dictator cigarettes It’s been a while since I heard a dog bark Flying 6 days a week, number 7 - is all dark Mr. Big has got a small heart, an oligarch, his kids are cute like some small sharks He fucks people like there was no god oh god, there’s no god, there’s no god She trusts people like there was no god, oh god, there’s no god, there’s no god Sold your soul to the wrong devil I’ll wear whatever, believe in whoever for that bronze medal The god of white people The science of white people Nothing worse than being exploited by nice people They quit eating, quit drinking, they quit smoking A shit storm and it never quits snowing The same year ice cream cone tattoos seemed like good ideas the planet got warmer by 2 degrees celsius now we can stroll to the top of Mt. Everest in some Converse Chuck Taylor Allstar kicks Everybody knows my name and it means nothing Everybody knows my face and it feels ugly A hotel breakfast getting cold you're upstairs sobbing I wanna live in a place where nobody jogging Solving math problems - quantity over quality We overqualified for this job - obviously It’s fucked up - didn’t want to be called a feminist I wanted to grow wings and fly, make the rest of you look like insects Sorry ass insects - all of you get your wings clipped all of you get your lips split when I get mine, I’ma kick kids From the easy listening playlists to the baby tv stations from the torture chambers to the animal angels from the houses of cards to the mountains of lard 3 years above the clouds and she’s never seen a god so they keep fucking people like there was no god... oh god, there’s no god, there’s no god She trusts people like there was no god, oh god, there’s no god, there’s no god, there’ no god…
I was born in Yugoslavia, some badass communists Family packed our bags went on a reaganomics trip soviet spy accents but we was some good immigrants nothing like the strippers and mafia lords in cinemas Some good citizens, some good Lakers fans I met Vlade Divac, got to shake his hand My father making plans, they never took off he was working hard and we were goofing off In my Donald Duck hat making schoolgirls laugh family glued to tv set, we made the news at last a week ago nobody knew where our ass was from now we the first place in Europe with a war since 1940 son Years later people ask me where I’m from it’s former Yugoslavia they pat me on the back and say “everybody gotta live somewhere - I feel you bruh” 10 years we built shopping malls, trying to be like these happy people only to find out they were never reallu happy, just acting cheerful Now we follow dreams - we some good capitalists that’s what Jesus would’ve done - we some good catholics It takes money to make money so we take money, any kind is great, pay you back with interest rates money Used to have the privilege of saying I hate money Now we a debt colony, that’s when you crave money God has nothing to do with it, the banks create the money they don’t forgive your sins you paying every last penny I tried moving to America, came back home a communist fuck chasing success in a police state governed by gun lobbyists Fuck being other one of those “coming over here, taking our jobs” immigrants You can marry your own cousins nephews and nieces for all I care - I don’t give a shit Keep the money in the family, I was never good at making money, I can make trouble I do it for free because I love you All I wanted was a sky, not a sunroof The world is full of soulless drones- being nice to each other, and real people with heart - killing off one another - everybody is a number in a debt colony repeat after me a motherfucking debt colony, that’s where you from We werw born in Yugoslavia, some badass communists Pack your bags we going on a reaganomics trip We were making plans, they never took off We was working hard and you were goofing off
(It’s the lumber games… the fuck outta here with that beard, moustache, checkered shirt… What the fuck) My kneecaps fucked up - I lean left forever spitting on microphones like Žižek Fuck you happy people this goes out to all the rejects depressed, amphetamine settlements on the beaches You make it here, you can make it in hell horrible human beings making a name for themselves When they see you in heaven they act like they never knew you if they see you in hell the situation is probably loose loose My eyes bleeding, please internet leave me My concentrations a middle eastern peace treaty Treat dudes with the same beef they treat me unless dudes twice my size, then we retreat Same question - how the fuck can we be free when the cost of living exceeds monthly fees? used to feed Africa, now we can’t feed Greece know that money grows on trees, You see the blood on the leaves Knee deep in these free mp3s but put your money where my mouth is - food we can’t eat stock markets don’t move with the mood on the street free range benjamins but your crew on a leash Yo, you dug your own grave bumrush the stage got their hands in the air but there’s nothing to praise You ain’t a young Dre in NWA They gone call you a cunt with a hundred delays like: “Timber” they all like “Timber” haha, “Timber” You know it They be like “Timber” Contrary to popular belief - no matter how popular your monopoly in a boom and bust city you’ll probably be forgotten in a week a flat tire with college degree lost in translation, wrapped in designer paper The last news reporter I respected was layed off If being a dick is what pays off you doing a great job Less edge than Edge Some of your best friends are the feds family probably better off dead Fuck what your friends say what would Malcom X say? we fighting for freedom or just begging for some leg space? They say you get what you deserve but that’s some bullshit The harder people work the more these people labeled useless And people get used to being abused as quick as they get used to being rich Crews are getting split, I said crews are getting split cause your music isn’t shit you wear a condom for a hat - dude you’re being a dick We from that land of heavy industry, heavy artillery farmers and woodcarvers I know that you ain’t feeling me The body in the way of information technology Engage with ideas physically - anthropology We give birth, dig the earth, twist herbs fuck creative writing courses in Big Sur high up in the mountains where the air is a thin blur breathing makes my ribs hurt, all I ever hear is “Timber!” They all like: “Timber” check me out They be like “Timber” “Timber” Yo, the lumber games
Everything I bring to the table gets ruined there is no table stupid, there’s nothing to bring to it The only rule is you either take it or loose it You either breaking the rules or watching other dudes do it Me and my music exchange bodily fluids I’m probably loosing my common ground with these other humans Getting harder to move with the times outsmarting the group think fools screaming at me: “get the fuck outta my blueprints” The only position to play: a stereotype Ukranian guys in The Wire we very alike You turn the world into a golf course all day every day its all sports of all sorts Good people come cheap – land of the free throw ‘em off a balcony they land up on their feet Pull ‘em out the womb in some comic sans mittens throw ‘em in the river they won’t even know what hit ‘em like those ugly motherfuckers in the buses from the suburbs know they ‘bout to die cause all of their hours numbered Who’s that looking through my fridge and my cupboards? Knows everything from my number to who I covet? I don’t want your free hugs hand me a brick, hand me the gloves I don’t want your free hugs Jesus saves, we’ve given up I don’t want your free hugs hand me a brick, hand me the gloves I don’t want your free hugs Jesus saves, we give up Free hugs everywhere, real love getting rare wake up in the gutter, high five billionaire rich dude rock fan wipe out hemisphere Everything’s forgiven he put out some good records there Got the whole city dancing on electric chairs entrepeneurial mind - some kind of human Fresh prince of macro - economic tabloid laundry mat, rocking chains like some bad boys Work hard die young that’s some violence truck driver named Nigel (hi Nigel) says everybody coming dirty where our kind from Open a firehidrant, fuck up our iPhones will we make it in the new world? only god knows hand me the brick, hand me the gloves and I don’t want your free hugs Jesus saves, us people give up I don’t want your free hugs hand me a brick, hand me the gloves I don’t want your free hugs Jesus saves, we’ve given up I don’t want your free hugs hand me a brick, hand me the gloves I don’t want your free hugs Jesus saves, us people give up
Every next record I’m like “this will be the one” Every next revolution “this time we’ll get it done” Staring at the phone, watching other people come on the edge of the globe, I got no place to jump Yo I gotta warn you, what you get is what you see I’m not a passionate person but yo I make a verse bleed All we’ll ever be is one of those Humans of New York stories your friends share on timelines, our lives so corny I’m no pony, bite your kid’s fucking fingers off custom officer grinning, somebody must’ve tipped him off Hate the competition but don’t wanna be the kid who lost Low wages, zero hours, still thinking that he the boss It’s a sad life, trying to keep these kids happy, bored out their fucking minds, a bad time to be classy Working 12 to 12 for some implants and coffee it’s a long walk from Sillicon Valley to Wall Street People of all creeds, looking like they want beef Somebody to hear their prayers, your own personal nazi Maost motherfucker trying to keep the crowd pleased computers and loud beats, computing wants to our needs All I ever wanted was to know what I want I just wanna be the person telling people who they are Fuck being president I wanna be Nicki Minaj Where’s the hihats? Hihats everywhere On the subways Hihats everywhere leaking from headphones Hihats everywhere In the venues Hihats everywhere In the bedrooms Being a genius wasn’t working, working harder wasn’t worth it Page views aren’t euros and a selfie’s not a portrait Real life is a bitch, real people get tortured for every rapper doing time there’s one doing endorsements Internet for the blind, voiceover emotions Everybody got a fingerprint, most are bigger than yours is Leave nothing behind except my search history One half Dwayne Carter, the other half Duane Reed Lady screaming on the train o some stand your ground shit proud citizen of a country treating her like cow shit You aren’t about shit, just an urban outfit I’m an immigrant, you bout to hear the truth in dialect I’ve been out of line since ‘96 putting haters where my mouth is at war with the loudness Surfing on crowds, surfing on couches surfing on browsers while you smurfing the ounces and I’m out bitch
Snap your fingers to this… Just snap your fingers to this… Vultures Who’s that, peeping through my smartphone? a nice apartment in the city but I’ll never call it my home elementary school teacher kept calling me Michael not my real name but shut the fuck up - be a nice girl had some nice friends, from where we not from we all look out of place, but yo we not dumb Got more opinions, but they mean less no wonder people depressed, you made the news - no difference Who’s that riding on my wish list for christmas? the power to make billions, division of joy bigots stick a hashtag on your struggle and sell it as entertainment unpaid child labour, lasers for eyes, isolated Who be that crowd favourite? Every relationship is a blind date it isn’t hard to fake it I’m rolling with shape-shifters teen idol like there was no age difference yo, they even take pictures Nothing is cool, your rage is part of the machine your whole subculture brought to you by energy drinks Self expression is nothing but you working for free twerking at gunpoint but yo, this is the real me and this is the real you and this is the real we and we amount to nothing more than public GDP A product of society - literally packaged and shipped off emotions are industry I didn’t create this place, don’t call me a businessman just wanna sit on a bench, watching people walking on the street fuck your lifehacks, let’s do this the hard way won’t be any vultures left parking on my driveway Snap your fingers to this… Just snap your fingers to this… Vultures
Shit is fucked up, I don’t identify with my country the people are mean, the culture is fucking ugly True we had Laibach, but that was back in the 80s if they were born today I’m sure that they’d be sounding exactly like and indie band from Williamsburg everything else sounds “straight outta Switzerland” Kids are producing sophisticated electronica or playing accordian music – we call it the harmonica Still we probably better off than you are no student debt to pay off, never had to work too hard and lets be honest, all our governments are pieces of shit you middle class you don’t always get to notice it But one man’s evil is another man’s stability and everyone’s a greedy cunt, refugees get fed to the sea Spend enough time in the wrong passport and every country starts to feel fascist – sorry if that’s a bad word No politics at school written a thousand times on the blackboard, fuck it its class war, Macklemore or the Trap Lord And tell your landlord his real estate is now our dancefloor, delet your social media apps, it’s a trap door and what you write sitting down you can’t stand for your silly rock anthems are dad-core, get over it asshole… From what I understand, people are scared Everything looks like an open mouth these days All these folks being told they’re special since birth afraid of ISIS, looks like the crisis got to them first I used to cry after church everyone’s body was in a zone, except for mine – it didn’t jerk I thank god he never gave me a religious experience its perfectly fine not being into something when everyone else is feeling it Hands up if you thought the albums of the year were shit I’d rather be told what to do than what to think And its fine being scared, I’m not an optimist either I don’t believe in anonymous or any populist leaders The future doesn’t belong to me, that’s one way of saying it but people who talk about the future have no imagination yet rave about the past like it was a fucking spaceship wasn’t all that great, just your family was going places I haven’t achieved anything much, and that’s fine and I want everyone to have a free ride like - ”woooo…”
I don’t know what you believe but you’re just a piece of meat in a furniture catalogue where houses have teeth I’m not dreaming, I’m being perfectly sensible it scares me all these healthy 30 something couples with their healthy babies An army of giant cocks impaling bodies like Vlad I know how these things go after all, I’m a fucking Slav surrounded by young money snobs with their old money moms Clap their hands when a plane lands TED talks at the mosque you got 6 million ways to die - Ikea killer Choose as many as you like - Ikea killer Life inside a catalogue - Ikea killer Killer killer killer Killer killer killer I don’t know what you believe but your city is not a boom town Shanghai is a boom town Calcutta is a boom town No one in your family works hard you are not a storyteller A Disney character waiting to be kissed a Cinderella You’re not a people’s person you’re a 1 percenter everybody everywhere thinks they could be doing better I used to play basketball learned that it’s a man’s world but it ain’t nothing, nothing without a dancefloor 6 million ways to die - Ikea killer Choose as many as you like - Ikea killer We inside that catalogue - Ikea killer Killer killer killer Killer killer killer 6 million ways to die - Ikea killer Choose as many as you like - Ikea killer We inside that catalogue - Ikea killer Killer killer killer Killer killer killer I don’t give a fuck, I won’t ever give a fuck while you’re sitting at the meeting I just came to interrupt while you busy taking pictures I just mainly rip em up giving interviews at brunch, I get paid to read your bluff singing I don’t give a fuck, I won’t ever give a fuck be the customer from hell, crushing everything I touch Put my fingers on your filters fuck your synthesiser up Catch you on a business flight, spill my dinner on your tux the Ikea killer … Ikea killer Ikea killer
What the world needs is more people like me never read the papers so depressions are a breeze I got this free ticket to where the world ends looks kind of like a mountain resort, you can snowboard there my hands were already up in the air like I don’t care when you got here it’s the year of the goat (and I’m all ears) What the world needs is more people like me find true love at 28, have kids at 33 Count money when I sleep, count it when I eat First thing when I get home, last before I leave Every Swans record in my collection, flip through the sleeves Filth Cop Greed holy money Filth Cop Greed holy money Filth Cop Greed What the world needs is more people like me Guys who went to college, guys who smoke weed People who read code and travel alone Dream of raping the woman who makes their home Filth Cop Greed Burning World Filth Cop Greed holy money Filth Cop Greed holy money
Your kids will never be the the football stars you want them to be interior design has never saved a refugee that stripper is a dead animal on a table There’s a war going on - I got no time for spirit gatherings and broken hearts For your Macy’s red star for your Heineken red star For your Dave Grohl Ted talk for your e-cigars If you get any more love it’ll kill you Its 2015, the summer of We don’t give a fuck We need to get real like Death gods you leprechauns still smoking weed and watching South Park The revolution will not be animated it will not be lead by stand up comedians and DJs witty charming white guys will die by the millions - fuck it they already had their 5 minutes nothing personal, just business if you liked Ghost in the shell you’ll probably hate this a dystopian cyber future for rich kids privileged mad max libertarians on missions - dreaming of private militias the underpriveleged get evicted treated like batman supervilians men women and children you gotta be fucking kidding me soundcloud hits by the billions List of things to do while we in heaven: find Eric Clapton and dead him put on some boys clothes and storm the Kremlin burn corporate buildings hot yoga for the masses guiliotines and g-strings when we say fuck the system it’s about fucking the system craft beers and daft beards smashed under crashed chandeliers politicians on milk cartons all of these folks with their hands to the ceilings they got their hands to the ceilings like - hi, we’re the 99%, who the fuck are you? already paid our dues, a lot of people have been talking badly about you they’re just miniature Titanics crashing into ice cubes …


This album has been on my mind since 2015, when me and producer Blaž hit the studio and started recording different ideas. It basically started out with us jamming together on guitar, piano, bass and synths, putting together melodies and playing with effect pedals. With the help of drummer Simon Intihar, trombonist Žiga Murko and dj Borka, we compiled a number of instrumental sketches, which later became material for Blaž to cut up and arrange into one kind of banger or another. It took us endless hours of trial and error work to take the music where we wanted it to be, but I really feel the process was worth it. Blaž is a stunning musical talent and after years of doing everything by myself, it was amazing to see somebody else’s vision push things forward.

‘Emirates’ is the most political thing I’ve done in English so far, but instead of doing direct messaging, I looked for images of a future world, played with the idea of what a socialist utopia will look like and what kind of struggles could bring us there - a kind of postcards from the future thing… I wanted to deconstruct the monolithic industrial communism that we’re used to from pictures of cold war Eastern Europe. I’m much more interested in what society can become and what kind of individuals it will produce one day.

Anyway, I’m really happy to finally share the tracks and play some shows with new music. I’ll keep you posted on upcoming gigs, videos and other shit that’s on the way in the next weeks. And while we’re still living in a system where we need to sell our labour to eat, I encourage anybody who can to support our work by purchasing the record. Besides digital and cd, this will also be my very first vinyl release. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy it!

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released March 17, 2017

All lyrics by N'toko
All music written and performed by Blaž and N'toko
Except drums by Simon Intihar, trombone by Žiga Murko, scratch by DJ Borka
Recorded in Studio Metro Ljubljana
Technicians: Jure Vlahovič and Jernej Černilogar
Vocals recorded in Earresistable Mastering Ljubljana
Technician: Igor Vuk
Mix: Blaž
Vocal mix: Igor Vuk
Mastering: Igor Vuk


all rights reserved



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