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I was born in Yugoslavia, some badass communists
Family packed our bags went on a reaganomics trip
soviet spy accents but we was some good immigrants
nothing like the strippers and mafia lords in cinemas
Some good citizens, some good Lakers fans
I met Vlade Divac, got to shake his hand
My father making plans, they never took off
he was working hard and we were goofing off
In my Donald Duck hat making schoolgirls laugh
family glued to tv set, we made the news at last
a week ago nobody knew where our ass was from
now we the first place in Europe with a war since 1940 son
Years later people ask me where I’m from
it’s former Yugoslavia
they pat me on the back and say
“everybody gotta live somewhere - I feel you bruh”
10 years we built shopping malls,
trying to be like these happy people
only to find out they were never reallu happy, just acting cheerful
Now we follow dreams - we some good capitalists
that’s what Jesus would’ve done - we some good catholics
It takes money to make money
so we take money, any kind is great, pay you back with interest rates money
Used to have the privilege of saying I hate money
Now we a debt colony, that’s when you crave money
God has nothing to do with it, the banks create the money
they don’t forgive your sins you paying every last penny
I tried moving to America, came back home a communist
fuck chasing success in a police state governed by gun lobbyists
Fuck being other one of those “coming over here, taking our jobs” immigrants
You can marry your own cousins nephews and nieces for all I care - I don’t give a shit
Keep the money in the family,
I was never good at making money, I can make trouble
I do it for free because I love you
All I wanted was a sky, not a sunroof
The world is full of soulless drones- being nice to each other,
and real people with heart - killing off one another - everybody is a number in a debt colony
repeat after me
a motherfucking debt colony, that’s where you from

We werw born in Yugoslavia, some badass communists
Pack your bags we going on a reaganomics trip
We were making plans, they never took off
We was working hard and you were goofing off


from Emirates, released March 17, 2017



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