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Snap your fingers to this…
Just snap your fingers to this…

Who’s that, peeping through my smartphone?
a nice apartment in the city but I’ll never call it my home
elementary school teacher kept calling me Michael
not my real name but shut the fuck up - be a nice girl
had some nice friends, from where we not from
we all look out of place, but yo we not dumb
Got more opinions, but they mean less
no wonder people depressed, you made the news - no difference
Who’s that riding on my wish list for christmas?
the power to make billions, division of joy bigots
stick a hashtag on your struggle and sell it as entertainment
unpaid child labour, lasers for eyes, isolated
Who be that crowd favourite?
Every relationship is a blind date
it isn’t hard to fake it
I’m rolling with shape-shifters
teen idol like there was no age difference
yo, they even take pictures
Nothing is cool, your rage is part of the machine
your whole subculture brought to you by energy drinks
Self expression is nothing but you working for free
twerking at gunpoint but yo, this is the real me
and this is the real you
and this is the real we
and we amount to nothing more than public GDP
A product of society - literally
packaged and shipped off emotions are industry
I didn’t create this place, don’t call me a businessman
just wanna sit on a bench, watching people walking on the street
fuck your lifehacks, let’s do this the hard way
won’t be any vultures left parking on my driveway

Snap your fingers to this…
Just snap your fingers to this…


from Emirates, released March 17, 2017



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