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Shit is fucked up, I don’t identify with my country
the people are mean, the culture is fucking ugly
True we had Laibach, but that was back in the 80s
if they were born today I’m sure that they’d be
sounding exactly like and indie band from Williamsburg
everything else sounds “straight outta Switzerland”
Kids are producing sophisticated electronica
or playing accordian music – we call it the harmonica
Still we probably better off than you are
no student debt to pay off, never had to work too hard
and lets be honest, all our governments are pieces of shit
you middle class you don’t always get to notice it
But one man’s evil is another man’s stability
and everyone’s a greedy cunt, refugees get fed to the sea
Spend enough time in the wrong passport
and every country starts to feel fascist – sorry if that’s a bad word
No politics at school written a thousand times on the blackboard,
fuck it its class war, Macklemore or the Trap Lord
And tell your landlord his real estate is now our dancefloor,
delet your social media apps, it’s a trap door
and what you write sitting down you can’t stand for
your silly rock anthems are dad-core, get over it asshole…
From what I understand, people are scared
Everything looks like an open mouth these days
All these folks being told they’re special since birth
afraid of ISIS, looks like the crisis got to them first
I used to cry after church
everyone’s body was in a zone, except for mine – it didn’t jerk
I thank god he never gave me a religious experience
its perfectly fine not being into something when everyone else is feeling it
Hands up if you thought the albums of the year were shit
I’d rather be told what to do than what to think
And its fine being scared, I’m not an optimist either
I don’t believe in anonymous or any populist leaders
The future doesn’t belong to me, that’s one way of saying it
but people who talk about the future have no imagination
yet rave about the past like it was a fucking spaceship
wasn’t all that great, just your family was going places
I haven’t achieved anything much, and that’s fine
and I want everyone to have a free ride like - ”woooo…”


from Emirates, released March 17, 2017



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