Lumber Games

from by n'toko



(It’s the lumber games…
the fuck outta here with that beard, moustache, checkered shirt…
What the fuck)

My kneecaps fucked up - I lean left
forever spitting on microphones like Žižek
Fuck you happy people this goes out to all the rejects
depressed, amphetamine settlements on the beaches
You make it here, you can make it in hell
horrible human beings making a name for themselves
When they see you in heaven they act like they never knew you
if they see you in hell the situation is probably loose loose
My eyes bleeding, please internet leave me
My concentrations a middle eastern peace treaty
Treat dudes with the same beef they treat me
unless dudes twice my size, then we retreat
Same question - how the fuck can we be free
when the cost of living exceeds monthly fees?
used to feed Africa, now we can’t feed Greece
know that money grows on trees, You see the blood on the leaves
Knee deep in these free mp3s
but put your money where my mouth is - food we can’t eat
stock markets don’t move with the mood on the street
free range benjamins but your crew on a leash
Yo, you dug your own grave
bumrush the stage
got their hands in the air but there’s nothing to praise
You ain’t a young Dre in NWA
They gone call you a cunt with a hundred delays like:

they all like “Timber”
haha, “Timber”
You know it
They be like “Timber”

Contrary to popular belief - no matter how popular your monopoly
in a boom and bust city you’ll probably be forgotten in a week
a flat tire with college degree
lost in translation, wrapped in designer paper
The last news reporter I respected was layed off
If being a dick is what pays off
you doing a great job
Less edge than Edge
Some of your best friends are the feds
family probably better off dead
Fuck what your friends say
what would Malcom X say?
we fighting for freedom
or just begging for some leg space?
They say you get what you deserve but that’s some bullshit
The harder people work the more these people labeled useless
And people get used to being abused as quick as they get used
to being rich
Crews are getting split, I said crews are getting split
cause your music isn’t shit
you wear a condom for a hat - dude you’re being a dick
We from that land of heavy industry, heavy artillery
farmers and woodcarvers I know that you ain’t feeling me
The body in the way of information technology
Engage with ideas physically - anthropology
We give birth, dig the earth, twist herbs
fuck creative writing courses in Big Sur
high up in the mountains where the air is a thin blur
breathing makes my ribs hurt, all I ever hear is “Timber!”

They all like: “Timber”
check me out
They be like “Timber”
Yo, the lumber games


from Emirates, released March 17, 2017



all rights reserved


n'toko Slovenia

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