Enter Sandman

from by n'toko



Your kids will never be the the football stars you want them to be
interior design has never saved a refugee
that stripper is a dead animal on a table
There’s a war going on - I got no time for spirit gatherings and broken hearts
For your Macy’s red star
for your Heineken red star
For your Dave Grohl Ted talk
for your e-cigars
If you get any more love it’ll kill you
Its 2015, the summer of We don’t give a fuck
We need to get real like Death gods
you leprechauns still smoking weed and watching South Park
The revolution will not be animated
it will not be lead by stand up comedians and DJs
witty charming white guys will die by the millions - fuck it
they already had their 5 minutes
nothing personal, just business
if you liked Ghost in the shell you’ll probably hate this
a dystopian cyber future for rich kids
privileged mad max libertarians on missions - dreaming of
private militias
the underpriveleged get evicted
treated like batman supervilians
men women and children
you gotta be fucking kidding me
soundcloud hits by the billions
List of things to do while we in heaven:
find Eric Clapton and dead him
put on some boys clothes and storm the Kremlin
burn corporate buildings
hot yoga for the masses
guiliotines and g-strings
when we say fuck the system it’s about fucking the system
craft beers and daft beards smashed under crashed chandeliers
politicians on milk cartons
all of these folks with their hands to the ceilings
they got their hands to the ceilings like -
hi, we’re the 99%, who the fuck are you?
already paid our dues,
a lot of people have been talking badly about you
they’re just miniature Titanics crashing into ice cubes


from Emirates, released March 17, 2017



all rights reserved


n'toko Slovenia

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