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People need to wake the fuck up
this is not the 90s
Our grandparents died so that we could have shiny things
Looking for somebody edgy - hair died pink
You finish last like nice guys unless you buying drinks
We'll make your poverty a fashion
blue screens and spotlights, fuck like an assassin
You come with nothing but your fingerprints
and start a new life in the Emirates
lighting dictator cigarettes
It’s been a while since I heard a dog bark
Flying 6 days a week, number 7 - is all dark
Mr. Big has got a small heart,
an oligarch, his kids are cute like some small sharks

He fucks people like there was no god
oh god, there’s no god, there’s no god
She trusts people like there was no god,
oh god, there’s no god, there’s no god

Sold your soul to the wrong devil
I’ll wear whatever, believe in whoever for that bronze medal
The god of white people
The science of white people
Nothing worse than being exploited by nice people
They quit eating, quit drinking, they quit smoking
A shit storm and it never quits snowing
The same year ice cream cone tattoos seemed like good ideas
the planet got warmer by 2 degrees celsius
now we can stroll to the top of Mt. Everest
in some Converse Chuck Taylor Allstar kicks
Everybody knows my name and it means nothing
Everybody knows my face and it feels ugly

A hotel breakfast getting cold
you're upstairs sobbing
I wanna live in a place where nobody jogging
Solving math problems - quantity over quality
We overqualified for this job - obviously
It’s fucked up - didn’t want to be called a feminist
I wanted to grow wings and fly, make the rest of you look like insects
Sorry ass insects - all of you get your wings clipped
all of you get your lips split
when I get mine, I’ma kick kids
From the easy listening playlists
to the baby tv stations
from the torture chambers
to the animal angels
from the houses of cards
to the mountains of lard
3 years above the clouds
and she’s never seen a god

so they keep fucking people like there was no god...
oh god, there’s no god, there’s no god
She trusts people like there was no god,
oh god, there’s no god, there’s no god,
there’ no god…


from Emirates, released March 17, 2017



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